DSCN1140-cropped-2Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Drea Damara, author, book lover, & occasional blogger of what I’m sure is useless information, but hopefully entertaining because if you can’t laugh…well, what’s the point of it all?

I blog book reviews I have written to share my love of books. On my “Spotlights” section, you can check out interviews, I’ve have had the fortune to conduct with other authors.

“Musings” is for all random things from life advice, reminiscing, and tales of the two quirky people I call parents in my blog series Paterfamilias And The General.

For my writing repertoire, I can claim two series: The Blinney Lane series and The Trinity Missions series.  Blinney Lane is a crossover fantasy about a cursed book store in Salem, MA where the books can pull readers into other worlds.  The Trinity Missions is a gritty, spy thriller series with a strong female lead, pulled from some of my own experiences in the intelligence community.