DSCN1140-cropped-2Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I am an author and this is my fun place to go where I can drop random thoughts, frustrations, musings, and the humor of this wild ride called life.  I will put this disclaimer out there – everything I blog is most certainly useless information, but hopefully entertaining because if you can’t laugh…well, what’s the point of it all?

I blog book reviews when I find the precious time to read.  I hate the robotic format of author interviews, so when I meet an author I like, I try to give them unique questions and share a tidbit about them that show their dysfunctional, but endearing human side.

“Musings” is for all random things from life advice, reminiscing, and tales of the two quirky people I call parents in my blog series Paterfamilias And The General.

For my writing repertoire, I can claim two series: The Blinney Lane series and The Trinity Missions series.  Blinney Lane is a crossover fantasy about a cursed book store in Salem, MA where the books can pull readers into other worlds.  The Trinity Missions is a gritty, spy thriller series with a strong female lead, pulled from some of my own experiences in the intelligence community.