New online #BookClub

There aren’t any book clubs in my area & I couldn’t find any online where you can instant message more than one club member without delay or in a user-friendly fashion, so I think I created a solution – PAGE DROPPER, the place to be when you can’t be at bookclub.

chatroomI found a hosting company where I created a website with Instant Messaging (IM) and chatrooms.  Chatrooms…remember those from the 90s? Whatever happened to them!  Anyhow, I can set-up about 100 different chatrooms, so if you’d like one for your own book club, just email me and I can set it up for you on the site.  You do have to register an account so we know you’re not a spammer, but I hate being flooded with emails, notifications, and newsletters so I refuse to do that to you!  You will only get notifications if you sign-up for them on the site, which I don’t even have the time to do! Perhaps, later if we get alot of events running, I might send a shout out to keep you posted if there’s some hot deals.

There’s other great features I’ve installed on the site, as well.  Members can do the following:

  • Start and post to discussion threads
  • Create groups, i.e. Western Lovers and create and post to group discussions
  • Add photos & videos to our bookish gallery
  • Reserve FREE ebooks that authors post up for grabs
  • Schedule book launch parties w/ a special chatroom request
  • Post events, i.e. group reads, free books, live author Q&A chat events
  • Post blogger & book reviewer classified ads
  • Authors – we have low cost ad space from $5-$10/month. Can’t beat that!
  • Sign-up to be a book reviewer.  Request a book to be reviewed.
  • Play bookish games
  • Customize your profile
  • Vote on Cover of the Month. Winner gets a free ad for the next month!
  • Browse book deals or post book deals
  • and much more!

I want the members to be in control of the site as much as possible. So I am open to suggestions and actively looking for a few admins such as dedicated book bloggers, book reviewers, author interviewers, and basically bookaholics who like to participate in group reads/buddy reads.

Check it out and let me know what you think.  The more members that sign-up the larger a community of book lovers we will have to interact and share our thoughts on all things bookish.

Drea Damara

Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or email me about the site at

Drea Damara




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