FREE Books for #bookbloggers #bookreviewers

If you’re a book blogger or bookaholic, check out the new social chat site for book lovers I created – PAGE DROPPER.

eventsIt features EVENTS where I will post Free for Review books by authors, books for group reads, book launch parties, and even some live Q&A events with authors. It’s a great source for book bloggers to get up-and-coming book news, events, and one-on-one time with authors to promote on their book blogger pages.

What do I get out of it? I get nothing, other than if I sell a few cheap ad spaces to help me pay for the cost of the site each month so my significant other doesn’t kill me for investing more money in my silly projects 😉

I don’t have time to attend book clubs and there aren’t any in my area. I wondered why there weren’t any online where people can talk in real-time in large numbers.

homeThere are some frustrating and non-user friendly sites. I hate scrolling through hours and pages of forum discussions.  So I created PAGE DROPPER, which has Instant Messaging (IM), chatrooms, deals pages, events, etc. to try and bring everything readers and writers want all into one easy-to-use page where they can talk in real-time. I say that it is YOUR site, not mine, because that’s why I created it. Seeing smiling, happy, customizable member profile faces means that I’ve created something useful and fun for book lovers.

The potential is endless and I will always be open to suggestions and improvements. Let me know how I can build this site for you.

classifiedsBook bloggers and reviewers – I would love to have a few dedicated reviewers to make site contributions. I would like to post some reviews consistently to share with our members, and would be happy to feature you as a contributing reviewer with links to your blog pages or website.  If you want to advertise your blog, review, or book services you can also request to post a free classified ad in our Classifieds section on the page too.

Hope to see you there. If you see me online, just IM me and I’d be happy to chat.

Drea Damara

Drea Damara is a RONE Award nominated author and occasional blogger of useless information.



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