Bloggertunities! #bookbloggers #bookreviews #betareaders

bhc_press_final_blue_small_no_tmWhere was this when I was a book blogger?! So my awesome publisher, BHC Press, has started a great new program for bloggers and I wanted to pass the word along. They have a book blogger network where aspiring book bloggers can sign up to contribute and have their very own book blog material shared with a real honest-to-goodness kick ass publisher about hit and up-and-coming authors and their newest releases.

The best part about their network is that you can pick and choose from all the currently available up coming releases to beta read. Whatever you’re into, you’re sure to find a title that peaks your interest. Just check their very organized schedule list to see when they would like you to post or feature a review, blog article, or even an author interview.

bookbloggernetworkI used to write book reviews for some trade reviewers before I became an author and I have to say this is a wonderful program for bloggers and book reviewers. If you want to read serious quality books, interact with actual authors about hot new releases, and be the first to write about books before they hit the stores to inform your followers, then BHC Press’ book blogger network is just what you need.

Super easy sign-up and a wide variety of scheduling and books to choose from. Check it out people, have fun, and happy reading!  Drea


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