Quest of the Dreamwalker by Stacy Bennett – Book Review

32500941Cara leads a lonely existence under the wrath of Sidonius, a dark sorcerer, in the isolated confines of Black Keep. Never have Sidonius’ captives caught her attention before until two men of the Sword, tough mercenaries, peak her interest and make her question her very existence. The captivity they are held in, Cara finds, is also her own – her life with Sidonius has been woven in lies and mysteries. As Cara sets out to discover the truth about her past and her future, she is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Through wild lands teeming with magic, rambunctious clansmen, feisty huntresses of the Tangle woods, and giants, Cara must learn whom to trust, and if she can even trust herself and the unexplained visions that overtake her.

15151207_1607144142924804_1135330501_nStacy Bennett has managed to fit an epic, living and breathing globe into the mere confines of a book, which seems like no great feat for this author once your mind has been awoken to the awe-striking spells and sorcery she has created. Bennett is clearly a master of imagery with new pockets of unique and vivid terrain and locales uncovered in each page-turning chapter. Quest of the Dreamwalker has so many lovable and individually fascinating characters that you will want this series to go on forever, just to see each through their own personal saga.

The story does not miss a mark, suffusing psychological thrills, twists, and manifestations that leave you feeling like you have just discovered a new science. Bennett scores big on two fronts – one with a tale that is equally as epic as Tolkien or Martin, and the second with imaginative fantasy elements you can’t begin to fathom. If you crave adventure, battle, mystery, laughter, romance, and falling in love with fictional characters, this book is for you.


Stacy Bennett is the author of Quest of the Dreamwalker, the first in an epic fantasy series and Son of Anubis.  You can find out more about her and her writing on Goodreads, her website, and connect with her on Twitter.


Thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! Drea


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