The Book That Halloween Needs

I’m excited to announce the pre-release of Beyond Farwin Wood, a story dear to my heart.  Beyond Farwin Wood is book 2 in the Blinney Lane series, a paranormal romantic fantasy with coming-of-age elements.  Full of laughs, love, and adventure, this story is sure to resonate with readers of all ages.


Series background:

The residents of Blinney Lane are held captive on the eerie street due to an age old curse placed by a witch on their ancestors.  One of the eccentricities is the curse’s ability to allow readers to enter the world of a few of the books in the local book shop, like the land of Farwin Wood.

Join our characters this Halloween as they take a wild adventure into the mysterious land between the pages and see what secrets Farwin Wood has yet to tell…


It’s Halloween on Blinney Lane, the spookiest street in Salem, MA where a mischievous curse reeks havoc on the lives of the residents it holds prisoner there. Franci Doltman, still single and mourning the loss of her mother, wants nothing more than to be anyone but herself. A shopping trip to Mather’s Custom Dress Shop does the trick, transforming Franci into famed film actress Lorna DuClaire with a costume that could kill.


When Franci becomes possessed by the neurotic celebrity, she turns life on Blinney Lane upside down. The shopkeepers are at a loss of how to help her, until Ricky Allister reminds them of the rapid healing he experienced in Farwin Wood–a fantastical land accessed by the cursed “weeping books”. Now Ricky and local healer, Valerie Millville, are nominated for the task of seeking a cure for Franci’s insanity by way of an insane adventure into the fictional land of familiar faces. Who will prove more powerful–Franci’s friends or the curse of Agatha Blinney? Will they find a remedy in time or do they have yet to learn all the secrets of Farwin Wood?




Book 1 in the Blinney Lane series, The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane, is available on Kindle Unlimited and will be on sale the week before Halloween.

For more information about me and my works you can check out my website.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy reading!



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