Book List: If Life Decisions Were Based On Books

240_F_32439455_CyuO7qVcSkYuuNbqkVDmJu2srcI5UQMXWhat if our life decisions were all based on books we’ve read? Here’s a little list I came up with because…well, I’m a bookaholic and something is probably wrong with me.

1. You’re seven years old. What literary creature is your pet?

2.You just got your driver’s license. What is your mode of transport?

3.Everyone needs a sidekick in life, a bestie. Who is yours & why?

4.Time to pick your master profession. Which occupation from a novel do you choose?

5.Wedding bells are chiming. What literary character is your soulmate?

6.And where will the two newlyweds settle down?

7.Talks of terrorism flood the news. If you ruled the world, which literary force or hero would send to fight this threat?

8.You love your job, but everyone has a nemesis, a pain-in-the butt. Who is yours?

9.There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called vacation. Where will you go to kick up your feet?

10.Your life crystal has burned out. What quote will be engraved on your tombstone?

Drea DamaraHope you have fun with this list. Let me know if you’ve got a suggestion for more.

Drea Damara is an occasional blogger of useless information and an author.


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