#ClothBagItUp & You Change The World

1453257594102What Is #ClothBagItUp?

It’s my needle in a haystack solution to reducing the amount of plastic we have to produce and consume. How many plastic bags do you bring home from the store each week? How many plastic soda bottles, milk cartons, package wrappers do you obtain each week? We’ve become a plastic world without even realizing it. There’s a simple way to reduce some of this and I need your help…

We’ve all probably seen adverts and living proof of the harms of plastic pollution, but I stopped to ask myself, “What can little old me do about it?” I’m just one person, after all. Even if I want to change or make a change, how can  my tiny effort help reduce the impact of #plasticpollution ?

I long ago learned that just because something seems too difficult doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try. If I had believed that credo I wouldn’t have achieved half of the things I am most proud of in my life. So…I’m hopping up on a soap box (I’m five feet tall, you might not see me otherwise), and asking you to spread the word about a challenge I’m calling #ClothBagItUp We all love social media and hashtagging the hash out of everything, so I’m sure with a  few effortless clicks, we can unite our tiny efforts into something wonderful for this sandbox we all play in.

You’re No Rocket Scientist, Drea!

What’s that? Oh, I didn’t invent cloth bags and using them isn’t something new? No shit-ski, but why aren’t we using them for everything possible?

One thing about suggestions, especially with social media, is that there always seem to be neigh-sayers. People seem to go out of their way to tell you why something is a bad idea more often than providing an alternate suggestion or simply saying, “I disagree” and moving on.  If you’re not a believer that plastic is polluting our world, here is a video from www.theplasticpollutioncoalition.org that hit home with me, that has recently been floating around the internet:

What Can I Do?

It’s as simple as buying a cloth bag/reusable bag. Heck, they sell them everywhere now! They come in all kinds of stylish and trendy patterns and colors. People love to accessorize – this will give you one more chance to do so. When something is an inconvenience, it’s human nature to need motivation to adopt it. I started using cloth bags and it was a pain in the butt at first. Half of the time I’d forget them when I went shopping, until I became used to it. If you need more motivation, they give your purchases more structure than plastic bags do. I never really understood why stores practically individually bag each item. My groceries aren’t anti-social, they’re all going to end up in the same place-my stomach.

When you go to any store make sure you come equipped with cloth bags for your purchases so you can say, “No thank you,” to the load of plastic bags you would normally get at the store. So #ClothBagItUp and maybe, pretty soon, you’ll look around the store and see others doing the same and see the ripple effect you’ve all had on our world. Help me spread the word and together we can make a dent.

You can do it. We can do it. #ClothBagItUp

For what it’s worth…thank you!


Drea Damara is an author, student of Emergency and Disaster Management, and occasional blogger of useless information. Twitter @dreadamara


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