Jarod’s Heart by Elise Manion – Book review


5 Stars, easy! (And…shhh…I didn’t even read book #1 yet, but I certainly will now)

Sigh… I needed that! This was a no-bathroom-breaks and I-can’t-read-fast-enough kind of book for me. Elise Manion’s dialogue and description is so unbelievably effortless, witty, charming, and suspenseful. My favorite line, “Thank you, Monday, for wasting no time in throat-punching me in the trachea.”

As a dispatcher, I can tell you the police work, terminology, banter, and atmosphere was spot-on. Jarod’s Heart is about Lauren, who knows she’s foolishly been smitten with Jarod King for way too long. When his world is turned upside-down, her love for him is devoted that it disrupts hers as well. The King family is colorful, supportive, and full of laughs to make this quite an enjoyable suspense and love story. Manion skillfully infuses high-brow banter and swooning in every page. I love romance, but not many actually can bring a tear to my eye or make me go back and re-read passages simply because they were so superb, but Elise managed to do that on more than one occasion. What a treat to read! I will now impatiently wait for book #3. Finish it quick Ms. Manion or I will have to send you a throat-punch to the trachea!


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