New Spy Thriller Series Set For Publication

I’m excited to announce that my next novel, Chasing Vengeance – A Trinity Missions Novel (Book 1), has been set for publication in May 2016.

I wrote this work because I wanted to bring a tough female military character to the literary world after my service in the US Army.  Often in the intel/military world people are cut-off from each other working towards the same goals and chaos can ensue.  I’ve tried to capture that with providing you three different walks-of-life as the main characters of this tale.  For connoisseurs of this genre, I hope you won’t be disappointed, as the work is packed with realistic intel operations, terminology, recent events, and even some Cold War-era issues.

You can get a first-look at the synopsis of this fast-past spy thriller below:

An eccentric female agent, a salty old intel leader, and a reclusive mercenary find themselves thrown on the chase to stop a mad man without each other’s knowledge.  Our heroes must ask themselves some tough questions in this fast-paced thriller:  When does duty turn into vengeance?  When does loyalty become a burden?  When should leadership include compassion?  In a world of secrets, what should be revealed?

When Caria’s mission in Syria goes awry, she pursues her target to Belarus where she learns that a ruthless arms-dealer, Luc Campone has deadly plans for the world.  Back at Trinity headquarters, a private intelligence organization, Gerry Strakner struggles to account for his people and with the decision to call in old favors.  Ivan Skavinsk, deeply embedded in Campone’s group, must carefully plot his survival as well as his long overdue revenge.

Who and what will you root for?

To stay informed about updates of this title and my other works, you can visit my author site at

Authors often look for readers to give pre-publication reviews and opinions of their works by reading Advanced Review Copies (ARC).  If you would like to be an ARC reader for this title or others you can request one here.

Looking forward to sharing the beginning of this trilogy with you.  Thank you for all of your support thus far.  Happy reading!

– Drea




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