Beyond Farwin Wood – Book #2 a Blinney Lane Novel

I have been honored by so many fans asking if there will be another installment to The Weeping Books Of Blinney Lane, my debut novel about a cursed street in Salem, MA. that has the power to open other worlds.  To answer your question, I had two other story plots in mind when I wrote Weeping Books and due to it’s success thus far, the second installment will be submitted for publication.  Here is a brief synopsis for all those who asked.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving this story life and your love.  -Drea

It’s Halloween on Blinney Lane, the spookiest street in Salem, MA.  Franci Doltman, still single and mourning the loss of her mother, wants nothing more than to be anyone but herself.  A shopping trip to Mather’s Custom Dress Shop does the trick, transforming Franci into famed film actress Lorna DuClaire.

The shopkeepers of Blinney Lane are at a loss of how to de-possess dear Franci until Ricky Allister suggests seeking the aid of the rapid healing he experienced in Farwin Wood – a land accessed by the cursed “weeping books”.  Ricky and local healer, Valerie Millville, are nominated for the task of seeking a cure for Franci’s insanity by way of an insane adventure into the fictional land of familiar faces.  Will they find a remedy in time or do they have yet to learn all the secrets of Farwin Wood?

I look forward to bringing this work to you early next year.  Thanks again for all of your support.

Drea Damara is the author of The Weeping Books Of Blinney Lane.  Check out the link to her website for updates, fan info, and events.



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