Miss Bianca and the Rescue Aid Society

I love it when someone tells you why something is worth reading in a way that it makes you feel sorry and foolish if you haven’t done so. I’ve seen this film when I was younger and it has resonated with me since then, will surely search for the books now!

Catching Fireflies


I first made the acquaintance of Miss Bianca and Bernard when I was nine. I was first introduced to Margery Sharp’s The Rescuers through the Walt Disney movie based on the book. Though the movie was released in 1977, the book had been charming audiences large and small since 1959.


In this tale, the Rescue Aid Society meets to discuss how to handle a plea for help from young Penny, who is being held captive on an abandoned river boat. Miss Bianca volunteers to find her and chooses Bernard to help her. In their quest, they discover that Penny is being held by Madame Medusa and her partner, Mr. Snoops, and they have two alligators guarding her on the river boat. They have kidnapped Penny so she can crawl down a hole in a pirate’s cave to get the diamond called the Devil’s Eye. The mice enlist the help of…

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