Forgotten Christmas Movies

With Christmas season upon us, its time for the networks to start barraging us with the same Christmas movie marathons and re-runs they do each year. I’m not complaining, as I love The Christmas Story and many of the other popular Christmas flicks they play each year, but if you’re like me and need a few more holiday films to warm your nights, here’s a few Christmas-ish films you may have forgotten about.

1. Grumpy Old Men

What’s better than non-stop laughs from Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau that starts out with a fight over a fishing hole then turns into a fight over a girl?

2. Die Hard

Need a little action with your gift wrapping? Want to stay on guard, looking out for terrorist threats as you’re untangling the Christmas lights? Then pop in Bruce Willis in this merry classic!
Die Hard Christmas

3. In the Good Old Summertime

Don’t let the title mislead you… This classic is full of snow, holiday shopping madness, office rivalry, and wit as sworn enemies Judy Garland and Van Johnson unknowingly become pen pals in what was later re-made as…you guessed it…You’ve Got Mail. Don’t miss the heartwarming Christmas song Judy does in this oldie but goodie.

4. Beautiful Girls

This 90s flick has a great cast of characters from a young Natalie Portman to Uma Thurman, Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, Mira Sorvino, Michael Rappaport, Martha Plimpton, and Rosie O’Donnell. Plenty of laughs, snow plowing, good old bar fights, and some suspenseful romances.

5. Trapped In Paradise

Watch three bumbling dysfunctional brothers try to rob a bank at Christmas time in this 90s hit that has Dana Carvey! John Lovitz! and who’s that other guy? Oh yeah…Nicholas Cage.

6. The Ref

In the mood for a little more crime after the last recommendation? Then check out The Ref with Dennis Leary at his best. This film shows us all at our worst during the holidays when Dennis Leary burglarizes the home of a dysfunctional married couple.


7. The Family Stone

One of my favorites all year round, this movie captures the complexity of human character better than most with great acting from a great cast as a family tries to put aside their pet peeves and hide from big decisions. Luke Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, and more!


8.  Little Women (1994)

This version reminds me of growing up with my three sisters in a touching adaptation as the March girls suffer through poverty, childhood heartbreak, and the unknown outcome of war and sickness.  See a young Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes, Christian Bale, Wynona Rider, and Gabriel Byrne.



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