The Last Keeper’s Daughter by Rebecca Trogner – Book review


The Last Keeper’s Daughter by Rebecca Trogner is a genre breaker that seeps into fantasy, humor, romance, adventure, and epic thriller.  Lily has always been unique and suffered from severe social disorders at best without medical explanation.  The frail young woman receives more than a diagnosis upon the mysterious disappearance of her father Walter.  Given shelter and protection, from what she knows not, a man named Krieger takes Lily into his elaborate home where she discovers the world is much more complex than she was taught.  The biggest mystery, however; is that Lily is not what she nor the ‘Others’ thought and everyone becomes entwined in unraveling her history as well as the dark secrets of their own.

Characters you could never imagine exist in this suspenseful and eerie world within our own.  Throw in a surly and sarcastic detective and you’ve got a refreshing voice of reason throughout a realm of madness to mere mortals.   There’s a corn field sprouting in Iowa that will whisper, ‘If Trogner writes, people will read it.’

“The Last Keeper’s Daughter” puts new meaning to the words original and flawless.  Rebecca Trogner shows the imagination knows no bounds through the uncanny and eerie beings she creates in “The Last Keeper’s Daughter”.  Never before have I seen a book where every single sentence counted for something; Trogner displays writing at its finest without an ounce of fluff or filler.  “The Last Keeper’s Daughter” is frighteningly intriguing when even its terrifying characters show unique displays of fear.  This is not your typical vampire story; Trogner manifests unimaginable creatures and redefines description that finds your mind seeing a world that makes “Star Wars” look as basic as “Sesame Street”.  After reading “The Last Keeper’s Daughter”, I’m convinced Rebecca Trogner could re-write the phone book and make it a best-seller.  Five stars don’t do “The Last Keeper’s Daughter” justice.  Rebecca Trogner must be the new Rumpelstiltskin because she’s typing fiction gold.


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