A Letter to the Duck Dynasty of A&E

Here is a letter I sent to the Duck Commanders after viewing all the hype over their use of prayers and guns on their television show:Image

I am not an avid Facebook surfer and just use it to check in on my many friends around the country and globe, however, I was surprised to see how many had posted comments about how Duck Dynasty had come under fire about showing prayer and the use of guns in their show. I do not know when our society, political environment, and supposedly objective media began to falter when only a select portion of the population is offended by something. When did favoritism come into play regarding who is offended? I am offended that you were asked to eliminate prayer and guns from your show, although I don’t know how much my level of offense seems to matter anymore these days. You set nothing but a good example of how guns can remain in our society and not harm people, how religion can sustain and support a family instead of radicalizing it. I do not watch shows that offend me, nor do I request they be removed from television because I am proud that we live in a free nation. I am offended that I went to war for our country to protect the rights of our citizens to do whatever they want peacefully only to have them try and take those rights away from people like you and your family. Each day I was in the desert and saw things like this on the news from back home, I let it fill me with gratitude that the people of my nation could disagree with me and live, they could be foolish and be heard, that they could have opinions and not be persecuted for them. However, if fighting for them to do so has resulted in the persecution of God given and Constitutionally given rights, then I know I must now be as vocal as they are. My message to them: You have offended me. Guns are not terrifying, people who misuse them are. Taking away guns will not stop people who wish to do harm to others. Taking away prayer is not in the hands of men, but whichever gods he believes in. If prayer offends you because you believe in an alternative form of prayer or none at all, then it would only be fair that you remove your current practices if you wish to deny the Duck Commanders and their viewers the right to pray when they want. If you believe in not praying and want them to remove prayer from their show, then it would only be fair that you begin to pray regularly since you are asking them to stop doing what they believe in. Can’t live with that? Well, you’re the one who made the stipulations.
To the Duck Commanders, God bless.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Duck Dynasty of A&E

  1. you gotta be kidding,what a joke,one of the best shows on tv and people are complaining,gotta be a group of hippocritic bible thumpers,they use their guns for hunting purposes for food and say a blessing at mealtime, to me its one of the best shows to hit tv for a long time,i guess you could change channels and let your children watch some shows with screwing and killing, get real and you holy rolling bible thumpers just back off cause if you dont like it just channel up or down

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