The Vampire Elite by Irina Argo


“The Vampire Elite” by Irina Argo is a suspenseful, dramatic, and biographical tale of two classes of elite beings that have been engaged in a millennia long conflict.  Arianna is the queen of the Amiti race, nurturing and wise beings that can evoke the hidden compassionate qualities Sekhmi, or vampires, instinctively hide.  The Amiti were cursed in their genetic fabric from their creation for two specific abilities: the power to kill Sekhmi they have bonded with and the need for Sekhmi to drink their blood for survival.  Living in constant fear of domination by the Amiti, long ago the Sekhmi decided it best to hunt down and imprison the Amiti race in order to harvest their blood without retribution.  As the new Amiti queen, Arianna, comes into her powers she is threatened from every end of the globe by people who wish to manipulate her role for their own benefit.

How will two races that are essentially perfect for fulfilling each other’s needs, yet ingrained to fear each other survive the tumult that their history has led them to?  Passion, trust, deceit, injustice, compassion – this book torments your emotions with every chapter.

“The Vampire Elite” serves as a clear example of how our modern cultural conflicts today have become so irresolute.  Irina Argo builds a steady momentum in unfolding the complex, but compelling history and world of her immortal races.   Starting on page one may make five hundred pages seem like an uphill battle to get through, but at the end you scream, ‘Where’s the second book?!’  The erotic weaknesses of Argo’s immortals raise suspense to a new level, giving hormonal unpredictability to their actions.  Irina Argo’s characters are fascinating to meet and the conflict engages you to see them through to the end.  Don’t waste a month’s salary on popcorn and theater tickets when a book like “The Vampire Elite” can whisk you away like a magical passport.  Be warned, if you read this, you’ll be longing for the next installments!


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