The Trinity Missions

I know why I will never be famous…because I suck at keeping up with the world of social media.  So after a several month hiatus, here I am to try and get back in the game.

I have been working on a suspense/thriller series and have completed the first installment.  Currently I am entangled in the submission process and waiting with bated breathe for positive responses, so wish me luck.  The first installment is entitled: “The Trinity Missions: Chasing Vengeance”.  I will post the synopsis later on, but here was my reasoning and inspiration behind the story.

I love film as much as reading and while I am a fan of Angelina Jolie’s acting capabilities I will use her as an example of what I don’t like about modern day female heroines in action films.  However it is not just female heroines that the film industry has done this to.

One Jolie film portrays her as an action heroine and she must escape from the depths of the sea by holding onto the fin of a shark as it propels them so the surface of the water.  While I love the plot behind the film “Salt” the unrealistic physical actions that would likely result in the imminent death of you or I, somehow do not seem to kill this incredibly fragile looking woman!  Perhaps I am a fan of the old school heroes that face the same odds but get the crap kicked out of them in the process, like Mel Gibson did in Lethal Weapon I, Bruce Willis in Die Hard, and Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films.  I like realistic characters who are human as a reader and a viewer.

In Chasing Vengeance I attempted this and of course it would be a dream come true if it ever made it to the big screen someday.  I made three main characters, one aging intel leader, one embedded operative/mercenary, and one female agent so that all ages and genders have someone to root for, cause let’s face it…catastrophes we see that threaten the world usually require a team effort to resolve.  I hope I have achieved lovable flaws within these characters, the kind of humor you spout off with to your closest friends, intelligent thinking professionals, and people who know their lives are simply not perfect but roll with the punches.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being able to bring this story to life by the grace and interest of future readers.  Cheers.  -D.D.


One thought on “The Trinity Missions

  1. Great piece, and I like the title of the first installment, too. I agree with you about making the characters flawed and not perfect. Our human hero’s get hurt like real people do. So you’re done with the first installment? Great! and regardless of your self-proclaimed sucky social media skills, I have a sneaky suspicion fame will find its way to your door in the not-so-distant future.

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