Into The Hand Of A Woman by Carla H. Ohse – Book review


Carla Ohse’s Into The Hand Of A Woman is a captivating read for anyone keen on adaptations of historic fairytales, myths, and epic battles.  Deborah Miller, a successful New York judge, tries a case that compels her to further investigate the tale of the plaintiff.  When Deborah discovers the atrocities against a group of women in Northern Isreal are true, she finds the courage to right the injustice she sees by enlisting the help of her government assigned guide, Lieutenant Barak Cohen.  Deborah and Barak become ensnared in dangerous circumstances when they realize the crimes they uncover lead straight to the top of the Israeli Army.

Yet what’s right is right and our two heroes’ journey of finding the fortitude to overcome these odds is a page-turning tale that would amaze even the most uninspired.  Ohse brilliantly spins a modern version of the biblical story of Deborah without inundating the reader with religious opinions.  Akin to Joseph Campbell’s journey of a hero, this modern Deborah is the epitome of what anyone would want to achieve in their lifetime.

Ohse masterfully unites history, modern conflicts, and the resiliency of the human spirit with “Into The Hand Of A Woman”.  Never has a modern tale so poignantly proven the struggles and joys of self-conviction.  “Into The Hand Of A Woman” may borrow attributes of historic characters, yet be prepared to laugh, love, and go to modern day battle.  If humanity read this book and took notes, the world would be a better place.  “Into The Hand Of A Woman” fights human trafficking the way the Spartans did for Sparta.  Ohse’s characters inspire for their dedication to morality in spite of the overwhelming odds in our world today. I haven’t felt as inspired by a book in years!


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