Free Book Reviews

Just FYI for those struggling authors out there…I know it’s an uphill battle, both ways, in an ice storm, with a bag of rocks on your back.  We’ve all read everything about how to make our query and submissions great, and to self-market!, self-market!!  Great, thanks, easier said than done!

Okay, so would you like some tasty comments, one-liners for your book cover or perhaps to even mention in your initial query letter to an agent or publisher?  While there are several services available, I recommend Readers’ Favorite because you can submit your book or unpublished manuscript for free and get one review back from them.  Hopefully one of their reviewers will check your book out and get it back to you within 2 months or sooner.  Of course you can pay for an “express review” and get more ‘guaranteed’ reviews, which means you’ll absolutely get a review back, not that they’re going to lie and say it was the best book ever.  Or if you have the time and patience that I don’t, you can simply submit for the free review and if someone doesn’t get to it the first time around, just resubmit it.  Hope this was helpful.


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