Attack of the Momsters – Old as F*@k & Pregnant #3

Attack of the Momsters / Old as F*@k & Pregnant – A high-risk adventure, Issue #3 “You should get pregnant”, they said.  “It’ll be fun”, they said.  Why do we tell people what will be good for them, fun for them, best for them? We’re all a bunch of damned hypocrites, aren’t we? Here’s the part … More Attack of the Momsters – Old as F*@k & Pregnant #3

New online #BookClub

There aren’t any book clubs in my area & I couldn’t find any online where you can instant message more than one club member without delay or in a user-friendly fashion, so I think I created a solution – PAGE DROPPER, the place to be when you can’t be at bookclub.

Bloggertunities! #bookbloggers #bookreviews #betareaders

Where was this when I was a book blogger?! So my awesome publisher, BHC Press, has started a great new program for bloggers and I wanted to pass the word along. They have a book blogger network where aspiring book bloggers can sign up to contribute and have their very own book blog material shared … More Bloggertunities! #bookbloggers #bookreviews #betareaders

Fantastical Fantasy Sale, $0.99-$1.99 (24-27 NOV)

These great fantasy authors have come together in the spirit of Black Friday shopping to bring you some awesome fiction deals. November 24th (6am PST) – November 27th (11pm PST) 17 fantasy Kindle books for only $0.99 to $1.99 each!  Take a look and find out which worlds are for you. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 Each book … More Fantastical Fantasy Sale, $0.99-$1.99 (24-27 NOV)

Accurate Pregnancy Memes – OAFAP #2 #pregnancy #motherhood

Sometimes we cannot put into words how we feel, what we want to say, or what we’re thinking.  This is especially true when you’re pregnant.  Here are 14 pregnancy memes that understand me and my body transformation from the little being growing inside me and the chaotic, difficult to navigate place the world around me … More Accurate Pregnancy Memes – OAFAP #2 #pregnancy #motherhood

Huge Black Friday Book Sale #booksale #bookdeals #fantasyfiction #blackfriday

Just want to give my followers a heads-up on a huge book sale I’ll be posting the week of Thanksgiving.  Some fellow authors & I got together and decided to run all of our fantasy fiction Kindle titles on promo the entire weekend of Thanksgiving. From full series to stand alones, you’ll be able to … More Huge Black Friday Book Sale #booksale #bookdeals #fantasyfiction #blackfriday